April 4, 2015

Luniz - Operation Stackola (1995)

With their chilled out bass driven beats and g-funk influence, Luniz drops some fire for their debut album. It's got that bay-area gangsta feel, really laid back rider music. If you've heard of Luniz you've probably heard the mary jane anthem I Got 5 On It, which is certainly one of the best tracks from this album. The production pushes this release past many other bay area albums from the the time. Yukmouth and Numskull are skilled, but I prefer Dru Down or B-Legit. Numskull actually edges out Yukmouth in terms of skill in my opinion, but they're fairly similar. The producer of I Got 5 On It is Tone Capone, who is relatively unknown for his large catalogue of work, producing tracks for Dru Down, The Click, Celly Cel, E-40, and even Devin The Dude. Overall, the quality varies a little bit, but I Got 5 On It is not the only hot track. Definitely worth checking out.


Operation Stackola