April 6, 2015

New Order - Movement (1981)

Movement is New Order's first proper album after the death of Ian Curtis and I must say that Bernard Sumner (Joy Division's singer turned guitarist turned singer) is emulating Ian Curtis hard here. Maybe it's because that's all he knew, but whatever, I'm glad he stuck to the gothic croons because it fits this music well. In terms of a follow up to Closer, Movement isn't much of a surprise sonically. The band goes even further into synth land, now bordering on new wave and synth pop, and the broken-sounding drum machine beats are back to encapsulate the shuffling snare-hat pulse of Morris. This is a great album with no obvious weak points--poppy, fun, sad, atmospheric, a good listen for any time. If you like this then Factus 8 (or 1981-1982 EP) is for you as well.