April 25, 2015

New Order - Substance (1981-1987)

It's amazing that New Order had this massive collections of singles and b-sides released when they were still super popular and consistently making good music. Even though the songs have as much as a 6 year range between them, everything manages to piece together well. I have said that these guys were just a more boring version of Pet Shop Boys, but I take that back. Sure the collection is filled with 80s indulgence (Perfect Kiss ahem; still love it though), but who doesn't like juicy synth lines to sink their teeth into? Rooting the collection in New Order's early guitar/drum fueled songs helps a lot too. Sumner's melancholy voice lets the group stand out from most other 80s synth groups and the guitar accents on the wall-of-synth songs are nothing short of genius. Not to sound too corny, but these are the type of songs that will stay with you for a lifetime.