May 8, 2015

Big Mike - Hard To Hit (1999)

Big Mike rose to significance in 1991 when he released an album as part of a duo with 3-2 called Convicts. He made an even bigger name for himself when he took Willie Dee's place in Geto Boys. He released his first solo album, Somethin' Serious, in 1994 which has become a cult favorite for Houston fans. Big Mike was one of those guys that bridged the gap between the first and second generations of Houston rappers. Somethin' Serious incorporated both raw drum tracks and heavy basslines and a smooth playa feel. Rap-A-Lot became much chiller as the decade drew to an end when Big Mike released Hard To Hit. The album is a little too typical, but even though it's generic, it's still Rap-A-Lot and has an appealing enough aesthetic with some real lyrics. That's about it though, and for some reason somebody thought it would be a good idea to make a hour and 15 minute long album with that shit. The first few tracks are tight, as is one in the middle and a dope Spice-1 feature, but I probably won't listen to this again for a long time. At this point in his career, Big Mike just didn't have the guns behind him or the freshness of Z-Ro or Big Moe to make a huge album. I would still suggest this if you're a collector of Southern hip hop because, like I said, there is at least some enjoyment to be found on the classic Houston feel.


Hard To Hit