May 29, 2015

Clipse - Lord Willin' (2002)

I've always loved Clipse. Their braggadocio, their up-front style, their street-cred to back it up, and their skill at the mic-- how can you not appreciate it? Clipse provides nearly the perfect proof that one does not need to use an extensive vocabulary to be a great rapper.

We also need to thank The Neptunes. The beats Pharrell and Chad Hugo put down on both Clipse albums are unbelievably perfect. I've complimented producers before on being able to match rappers' styles, but I don't entirely think that's the case here. The Neptunes may have had some versatility, but Clipse and the Neptunes was a match made in heaven. Pusha and Malice's no-nonsense flow is emphasized by the simple but perfectionist beats.

This album differs a bit from their second album. It's not quite as consistent, as there seem to be a few filler tracks which don't have the same energy. The standout tracks on this one however outshine anything else Clipse has done in my opinion. The gritty dark feel of Virginia is unmatched, and I can't hear anyone say goddamn without correcting it to Cot Damn. Grindin is a classic of course, with the remix featuring a dope verse from Wayne. I gotta disagree with my boy Otto, as Ma I Don't Love Her is one of my favorite hip-hop love songs. To choose between Clipse's two better projects is impossible, all you can do is recognize them as some of the realest of the 00's.


Lord Willin'