May 11, 2015

G-Style - Romeo (1993)

G-Style was one of the few Memphis hip hop groups to make a stab at the popular scene at this time. If you watch the music video, you'll see shots of the gritty Memphis streets, hear sirens and helicopters, get a glimpse of empty 40 bottles, and be threatened by the foggy silhouettes of the rappers/dancers along with the Halloween inspired piano line. You'll probably expect some wig-splitting lyrics pertaining to do it yourself spinal taps and mass murdering, but instead the Triggaman beat and Brick guitar riff drop and synchronized gangsta walking happens. No this isn't the most essential thing ever in Memphis hip hop, but it's fun, 80s inspired stuff that tried to put the city on the map. If you know how to gangsta walk, this would probably a good one to do it to. The other song is the slower tempo Romeo that showcases a pretty solid clean version of the Lord Infamous triplet flow.