May 5, 2015

H.A.W.K. - Under H.A.W.K.'s Wings (2000)

If Fat Pat was Screwed Up Click's greatest flower, his younger brother Hawk was the best lyricist. With a voice and delivery even weirder than Pat's, listening to Hawk rap is quite the experience. His word choice is ridiculous but not difficult to follow, and by no means is he a dictionary rapper--he skillfully evolves his unorthodox strange lyrics to very gripping and visual descriptions. Despite many RIP shouts out to Fat Pat, Hawk overcomes and makes one fantastic feel good album. Under Hawk's Wings might be the least talked about of the "Big Three" (pun intended--these guys were all massive), the others being Ghetto Dreams and City Of Syrup, but it effortlessly blends the dark playalisticness of Pat and the bright sweetness of Moe. The album is stacked with at least 5 different producers and many more featured rappers, all Southside legends, so this is sure to never get dry. Under Hawk's Wings is also one of those few records made in the small window between Pat and Screw's deaths where Screwed Up Click is seemingly at their peak.