May 23, 2015

Isaac Hayes - Black Moses (1971)

I don't know how somebody can make a soul double album that's 90 minutes long after releasing four albums filled with the exact same stuff within in the past three years... But Isaac Hayes is real as fuck and went for it and made the next best thing to Hot Buttered Soul. I mean I guess the same could be said for To Be Continued, The Isaac Hayes Movement, and also Shaft, but this is longer and features one of my top 10 favorite covers ever. The dilated arrangements and Hayes' voice raise emotions in you that you don't know you had and every track is tear worthy or smile worthy (depending on what mood you're in) whether he's talking, singing, moaning, or a combination of any of that. If you've never listened to much soul or explored much into hip-hop's inspirations you have got to listen to this after Hot Buttered Soul as it completely blows any of that sugary Motown bullshit out of the water. Note that I have the 1989 CD reissue, so the track listing in the link below is different from the original release.


Black Moses