May 12, 2015

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road To Riches (1989)

This is G Rap before he turned entirely mafioso and full of curses... also perhaps his dopest rapping showcase because this dude is seriously spitting all the way through. The alliteration and flow is on point and sharper than his blunt force approach on Live and Let Die. Being Juice Crew in 1989 of course Marley Marl is going to be producing this and it's nothing short of Golden Age goodness on the level or better than the beats given to Big Daddy Kane with that extra edge given by Polo. While this is not mafioso rap in the most gangsta sense, it shows that the seed had been planted and what G Rap would turn into when gangsta rap became more commonly accepted; after all the album is titled Road To Riches. If you like New York rap or anything about hip hop, you've heard the name Kool G Rap and that he's one of the most essential guys for the East coast--I'd say on the level of Big Daddy Kane--so if you haven't yet listened to this get to it! I mean after MC Shan got shut down, Queens Bridge became the hip hop empire of New York for the better part of a decade and it started here.