May 31, 2015

Lil Slim - Robbery's My Specialty (1995)

This is the Memphis Lil Slim, not to be confused with the early Cash Money rapper from New Orleans. He is down with Playa Posse and Blackout, so you know this is going to be good. These are typical Blackout beats; dark, just lo-fi enough, light hats and claps, and cautious, nearly pensive bass and synth lines. Of course it is hard to call something "typical Blackout" as the dude changed his style frequently for every rapper he produced, so let me further clarify by considering this on the minimal end of his production spectrum; similar to the Snubnoze tapes and contrasted with the intense and layered work on Dreamworld or Mongotti and Lil E tapes.

Lil Slim is a pretty dope rapper with his gruff voice and flow, but like any Memphis hip hop it's the supporting rappers that make the tape so great. Lowdown Tha Sinista makes a pretty sweet appearance on here as well as Lil E, Lil NoiD, Gangsta Blac, Guice, Blackout, the amazing and underrated Lil Coop, and Playa Fly right in the middle of the Three-6 beef. No these guys aren't going to be as easily identifiable as the Prophet emcees, but their flows prove to be more chiseled and effortless, thus more impressive to me. Actually there aren't many dudes in Memphis matching the sheer skill level of the Playa Posse/Binghampton dudes.