June 24, 2015

Isaac Hayes - ...To Be Continued (1970)

To Be Continued is a collection of near classics and a sample bible that defies the boundaries of soul music. Perhaps not his best work overall, but Isaac's arranging genius crafts some melodies and movement that will never be forgotten. I think To Be Continued is Isaac's most ambitious record of those he put out in the early 70s (Hot Butter Soul's risk factor is different--it was from the 60s anyway). I guess after Isaac and Stax realized his potential he just went crazy on the arrangements, which is great in a way, but sometimes I feel like there is corny film-scorey fluff spread everywhere. One of the few albums where I can say that each individual song has its fair share of stunning moments and filler. Still, Isaac can do dat, and I'll be honest, I'm always close to starting a riot because of how moving the end of his tremendous cover of You've Lost That Loving Feeling. So, will all my real G's please stand up and all be accounted for, and if you don't give a fuck, about a bitch, then you rollin wit da Row!


...To Be Continued