June 20, 2015

Lil Boosie (aka Boosie Badazz) - Touchdown 2 Cause Hell

There is no modern rapper I've heard that can hang with Boosie apart from Z-Ro. When I wrote the review for Life After Deathrow, I thought No Juice was the hottest song of the past two years. L$D and it's bizarre formula overtook No Juice (but that's for the At.Long.Last.A$AP review). And then L$D and No Juice were both blown out of the water. No Juice made the album, and rightly so, but I wouldn't even put it in the top 5 songs from the album. This is without a doubt my favorite album of the past 5 years, and yes that includes GKMC. Boosie's flow is just so on point for every single bar. Boosie's returned from prison and taken over the game immediately. Thank god they freed Boosie.

After hearing Life After Deathrow, I went back and listened to most of Boosie's earlier projects. I couldn't get enough, and I've heard all but Badazz (hard to find a copy) and a few mixtapes. TD2CH was my favorite by far. An interesting feature of modern rap is that the good artists usually have a bunch of excellent songs on albums that can stand alone, a byproduct of the single-driven rap game. Every track off this release could stand alone. Some songs that will blow your mind, and make you rethink that condemnation of modern rap: All I Know, Hands Up, How She Got Her Name, and Black Heaven. Oh and every other song on the album.


Touchdown 2 Cause Hell