June 24, 2015

Puppy Dogg - The Moscow County Gangsta (1996)

Memphis rap pseudonyms are usually pretty out there. Chocolate Bunny is one of my favorites, DJ Spanish Fly and Hardcore Montana are pretty great too. Puppy Dogg (Christian Ewell) certainly holds his own. While Puppy isn't actually from Memphis the style is similar. This guy is completely underground, and there is virtually no information about him online. The tape has the most shout outs of any I've heard, with a 4 minute track devoted to them, in addition to a good number at the end of one of the other tracks. It was produced by DJ Glock, but this is not the Memphis DJ Glock according to Puppy Dogg (pers. comm.). It's got some heavy bass and simple but solid horrorcore beats. Puppy Dogg's flow is good for the classic memphis psycho style, and this ends up being a solid memphis horrorcore release, worth a listen for any fan of Memphis rap.


The Moscow County Gangsta