July 31, 2015

Casual - Fear Itself

A member of Del The Funky Homosapien's strange Bay Area clique, Heiroglyphics, Casual's first album is pretty much an extension of 93 Til Infinity. I think you should listen to that Bay Area classic before this, but this is nearly as good. Hieroglyphics' jazz-funk sampling doesn't stop at 93 Til, I'm pretty sure I heard at least 6 Straight Life samples on here among some other classics. The sampling is dense, but the placement usually remains cool and witty. The seamless jumps between a few of the tracks is pretty awesome as well.

The lyrics are interesting. No, they aren't pure gangsta, playa, or pimp raps and they aren't dense, pretentious, and nonsensensical words that plague many "jazz rap" albums. Just clever word play and mischief that embodies the outcast type of scrappiness the group brings... Odd Future would bite this style eventually. Yeah, this lyrical style drives me a little crazy after a while, but this is some great stuff for when I'm in the mood. Every track stands on its own and you can tell a lot of original effort went into the work.


Fear Itself