July 7, 2015

Compton's Most Wanted - Music To Driveby (1992)

Music To Driveby is arguably the biggest Compton's Most Wanted album and the one that put them up as a national hip hop force. Actually I'd have to say that it is the least groundbreaking of their early 90s records. Where It's A Compton Thing, and Straight Checkn Em laid the monumental groundwork for cooler gangsta rap and established local classics, Music To Driveby sounds more like a strong handful of unused tracks from those sessions. MC Eiht is no better and no worse as a rapper, but DJ Slip and Unknown aren't able to establish anything too defining to me personally. I know a lot of people find Hood Took Me Under a West Coast classic, but the slightly reworked Walk On By and very staccato rap from Eiht just aren't going to cut it. Sequels to earlier classics are lackluster as well. Still, this is one of the big West coast monsters we're talking about and some of the verses and scratch breaks are very defining of the sound and deserving of the record sales. A dope album I'll put on every so often. Maybe I'd enjoy it more if I lived in 90s Los Angeles, but the first two LPs are better than this.

Compton's Most Wanted

Music To Driveby