July 13, 2015

DJ Paul - Volume 16 For Da Summa Of '94

Alright if it matters at all to you, this review is for the 2013 remaster because it sounds best, is the most up to date, and the track listing seems to be incorrect and/or shifted from the original. Just so we're on the same page.

By 94, DJ Paul and company had moved on from riding the success of Where Is Da Bud to establishing a new era of classic Memphis beats. This is definitely a producer album, similar to the golden collection Underground Vol. 1, and gives you a good deal of Paul just hammering away on a sampler. While a lot of these mixes are simpler than their later editions, they're dope because of that; I'm thinking of the raw-ass first part of Break Da Law in particular. While Volume 16 is mainly all about mixing and sampling, there are some nice verses too. Pay attention to all of the quotes from these raps Paul reuses for slowed-down hooks on later projects too, it's cool. It seems as though Paul has now moved past the Fly/Skinny Pimp beefs enough and let their rhymes stay on the reissue which is a treat because we get to hear around 100 bars or something of Lil Fly just killing it on the "Outro" track. I've never thought Koopsta Knicca was the best of the best like so many people do, but I gotta admit that he was killin the game in 94 and early 95, and his few appearances on this tape aren't any exception. I can't remember where it was exactly, but Lil Noid (easily in my top 10 Memphis rappers) kicks a murderous verse. Lil Gin gets up in here as well alongside Skinny Pimp, repping that Gimisum Family nicely as some of the hardest lyricists and flowers in Memphis. A 14 year old Gangsta Boo does one of her earliest recorded verses for Triple 6 on "I Cheefa" for some more goodness. The only negative thing is that the tape is in serious lack of Tha Juice Manne, but you can't have it all sometimes I guess.

Again, not too sure what's going on with the screwey tracklisting on my CD (I ripped it just as it was); it seems to be all correct on Spotify, but here's the music--you can arrange it how you want.


Volume 16 (Original/Bootleg Rip & DJ Paul Remaster)