July 6, 2015

Mantronix - The Album (1985)

I've got this theoretical Big Four: The Big Four founding hardcore hip hop acts. Run-D.M.C. made the term hip hop viral with their poppy enough music and wore leather jackets to influence the hardcore rap of the late 80s South Bronx. LL Cool J had much of the same effect as Run-D.M.C. but could rock the mic just a little harder. Then on that other level there was Whodini who established melody, hooks, rapper personality, and the MC dominated age of hip hop.

And right there with Whodini there was DJ Mantronik blowing past the skills of Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa. This British-American-Jamaican-Puerto Rican dude has some crazy skills and assaulted 84-86 with his crushing use of cuts, scratches, 808's, and 909's. He was harder than the fluttery electro of Bambaataa and Dr. Dre and bypassed the smooth-groove of Grandmaster D and Whodini. This shit rocks so hard and he's got the MC Tee to match LL's proficiency on the mic. A major influence to the likes of Mannie Fresh, Ant Banks, Prodege, Too Short, Master P, David Banner and Khayree. An essential piece of 80s hip hop.