August 26, 2015

Bushwick Bill - Little Big Man (1992)

Bushwick Bill is the guy most people know as the one eyed midget rapper or sometimes the Geto Boy that went in on a rape verse on their first album. Scarface might have the most pure skill of the group, but Bushwick Bill is even deeper and more confusing than the Geto Boys' ringleader. His first album is sloppy, but only in a way that helps his insanity and Jamaican drawl. Little Big Man isn't as spiced up as his masterpiece, Phantom of the Rapra, since it's missing the brilliantly worded hooks, but this thing comes even harder. The production is typical of early 90s Rap-A-Lot, what most people refer to as raw funk; there are no swinging saw-synths, but there is plenty of funky drums, guitar, organ, and more.

Bushwick comes correct with his writing, very vivid or abstract or anything in between at the right moments. This was recorded after his eye-incident and his introspection and motivation is redirected from the first Geto Boys records--as a matter of fact he tells the story on the standout track, Ever So Clear, with some disturbing imagery intertwined with concise, articulate, and effective descriptions of his mental world. The rest of the album follows in step with the classic track. As usual he's all over the place in every aspect of MC-ing and is sure to take on his attackers directly. A lot of people seem to dismiss Bushwick's solo career which is a shame since you can listen to his music over and over and keep finding something new in his lyrics or the way he says them. Well worth the listen.