August 26, 2015

Death Row/Various - Murder Was The Case (1994)

Murder Was The Case is the pseudo-soundtrack that accompanied the short film of the same name. The collection is interesting since it's of course nowhere near the greatness of Doggystyle or The Chronic, but it also doesn't feel like Death Row is straight out of music, and that's pretty much true because, you know, All Eyez On Me. While the posse is exploring the crevasses of dark g-funk, it's obvious that they don't put too much time into it. A good handful of the songs feel underdeveloped when held up to Doggystyle, Dogg Food, or All Eyez On Me. Of course this is only a various artists soundtrack and the pace and goal is going to be totally different from an album. Think of Murder Was The Case as tying up loose ends from the initial explosion of Death Row and their smooth synths before heading into phase two (Dogg Food and All Eyez On Me, that is). Regardless, this should be an important pickup for any true hip hop fan as it has the classic diss track What Would U Do?, the Cube/Dre reunion Natural Born Killaz, and the introduction of Tray Deee, Sam Sneed, and Daz as a magnificent Death Row producer.


Murder Was The Case