September 3, 2015

Ahmad Jamal - At The Pershing / But Not For Me (1958)

Jamal's band on Live At The Pershing is a bit more advanced and does a fantastic job of holding your attention. Yes, they do play sweet standards and aren't avant-garde, but their playing is certainly more sophisticated than the average trio of the time. They're able to space out and cover a ton of ground with their brilliant interactions, well-timed lay-outs, and great intuition. Jamal sounds a lot like Red Garland with his churchbell-like resonance, I'd actually say his chime is even more prominent than his predecessor and is recorded perfectly. Now I see why Miles Davis loved him so much. The takeaway track from this classic live album is definitely Poinciana. Beautiful music and probably my favorite piano trio album.


At The Pershing / But Not For Me