September 15, 2015

Ali Boom - To Live And Die (1996)

I've done some searching and it seems like this is produced by Ali Boom himself. It's got pretty distinctive production; at some points it seems like he's just playing on the drumpad. The tracks have a solid driving rhythm in the background and he just slaps some funky noises on top. He's got a great ear for it though, and this is more advanced production than you hear from most Memphis releases, with a healthy balance of repetition and change. At points it reminds me of that dark south production like on Bushwick's Phantom of the Rapra. The rapping is also distinctive, kind of in between Memphis and G-Funk style. One of the rarer releases that you've gotta cop if you're into Memphis. Oh and that memphis flowchart will be out soon, don't worry.


To Live and Die