September 14, 2015

Fat Pat & The Wreckshop Family - Throwed In Da Game (1998)

Throwed In Da Game is probably just marketed as a Fat Pat album in honor of his passing just before its release because this is more in the style of a posse junt. ESG, Hawk, Big Steve, D-Gotti, and more from the Screwed Up Click-based Wreckshop label are included on just about every song. Needless to say this unfolds a lot differently from the pure Fat Pat vision on Ghetto Dreams. Even though the albums were both released in 1998, the majority of the songs on here were recorded a little later and adopt a cleaner, poppier, and flashier production style instead of the laid back dark groove of Ghetto Dreams. If you've listened to either Lil Keke's Don't Mess With Texas or Hawk's Under Hawks Wings you can expect a sound similar to that. Maybe not as cohesive and touching as Ghetto Dreams, but this is the final thing the Screwed Up Click godfather gave the world and is where the second generation of Houston rappers found the vibe they'd stick with into this millennium. Probably the most important thing Throwed In Da Game did was contain the era defining-track, Jammin' Screw.