October 13, 2015

100 Flowers - 100 Flowers (1983)

A mixed bag of post-punk made by the group formerly known as The Urinals. The group's pace and mixture of jangle and light punk are comparable to the kind of music Minutemen creatively refined on Double Nickels on the Dime a couple of years later. Also found on this full length are dance punk grooves comparable to Gang of Four, lovely little guitar leads reminiscent of Tom Verlaine's on Television's debut album, psychedelia similar to Meat Puppets, and tension with a mixing which relates back to Wipers' two great albums. I was banking on this sounding like third rate SST material (weird psychedelic bullshit with prog-qualities that has no real direction), but I'm happy to say that this album is enjoyable all around, consistent, well composed, and doesn't fall victim to any trends. A subtly influential album well worth a listen for anybody into SST Records, Los Angeles punk, or post-punk in general.