October 24, 2015

3rd Bass - Cactus Revisited (1990)

I thought that this remix EP would just be a lukewarm rehash of the debut album, but MC Serch and Pete Nice actually re-recorded all of their verses over completely new beats and excel just as well on these longer remix jams as they did on their vignette-paced Cactus Album. 3rd Bass are the only white rappers I've heard that I can call fantastic. They aren't trying to rap or flow like something they aren't; they develop lyrical and rhythmic styles that suit their place in hip hop while respectfully contributing to the rich culture around them, and it results in some of the dopest hip hop of 1989-1990. Check this out if you like The Cactus Album or any New York hip hop from around this time since Marley Marl and Prince Paul each lay down a track for this EP.


Cactus Revisited