October 22, 2015

Cool Breeze - East Point's Greatest Hit (1999)

The Dungeon Family affiliate you've never heard of. This is a pretty great album, but don't head into it expecting Soul Food or Aquemini. Cool Breeze has a dope voice and a solid flow, but it's clear that he's no Khujo, Big Boi, or Andre 3000. This is a transitional record for Organized Noize where their Houston-vibed 90s juice met the the early Collipark crunk that dominated Atlanta in the early 00s. While all of the beats are groovable, Cool Breeze doesn't bring OutKast or Goodie's originality to the table and Organized Noize has little surface area to work on, leading to a lock-up of the production trio's potential. Lest we not forget that this is a piece from Dungeon Family in their peak, so even if it's the weakest of the few projects to come out from them in the late-90s, it's pretty much obtained a very nice level of quality by default. This is a very solid piece of now-underground hip hop that's great to ride to and shows how Atlanta hip hop went from Aquemini to Trap Muzik.

Sample (Honestly thought this was an early T.I. feature)

East Point's Greatest Hit