October 17, 2015

D of Trinity Garden Cartel - Straight Texas Hoodlum (1995)

I picked up a handful of D's solo albums in a downloading spree because I have respect for both Trinity Garden Cartel and Criminal Elament, though neither of those groups really rank among my favorites of Houston rap. I'm glad I went out on a limb and randomly listened to this because I think that it's better than any albums from either of the groups D was affiliated with. He caught me off guard by kicking one of the most commanding flows in all of Houston rap over what I think is Mike Dean's most self-representative collection of beats. Straight Texas Hoodlum doesn't range outside of anything anybody would really expect lyrically or stylistically, and for sure not as game-changing as Wegonefunkwichamind, but should be valued for how consistently it dedicates itself to the changing 1995 Houston vibe.


Straight Texas Hoodlum