October 20, 2015

DJ Livewire - Vol. 1 (Butchersquad EP) (1993)

This is a short tape to kick it off. Other than the first track, Livewire’s got some pretty creepy beats, with heavy use of the bass/high leads style. He doesn’t generally use kicks for the bass, instead using more drawn out bass that creates a more sinister feel. The Lock Em In The Trunk mix in the middle of the tape is great, some real evil sounding shit. On the other tracks there’s a few MC’s, especially recognizable is the bizarre rapper MC Wicked. Wicked drops an interesting verse on Bum Bud--it’s nothing like the monotony of a lot of Memphis rappers of the time, instead he’s almost yelling into the mic and using a stilted almost staccato flow. A solid start to Livewire’s discography, or at least the part of his discography that’s made it online. If you see an album online labeled 'Da Butcher Squad- Bum Bud Mind Blowin', that's just a lower quality rip of this album.