October 7, 2015

Gimisum Family - Part II (Tha Other Side Of Da Family) (1994)

Authentic Memphis underground hip hop right here. Skinny Pimp lays it down as both a rapper and producer and brings the heat big time on this tape (with some help from DJ Paul on Pimpin' and Robbin' and Hit The Floor--he says some drops). Skinny always found a dope balance between harder, gangsta rap tracks and cooled-out leaning songs, and his (two way) influence on DJ Paul and Juicy J's style is obvious here. The jookin' snare-kick rhythms stay popping and the extended 808 kicks remain heavy despite the murky rip quality and the chopped up hooks are at least as good as anything Three 6 ever created. I like to say that DJ Squeeky's Gangstashit family featured my favorite rappers in the Memphis underground, but Gimisum really gives them a run for their money with this tape. Skinny Pimp throws it down with Gimisum regulars like Lil Sko, Carmike, Lady Bee, Lil Gin, and Big Jagg, and while they might not be the fastest rappers, their lyrical styles are very well developed and are pros in handling the unique Memphis beat. In my opinion, this is the most cohesive Gimisum tape and I recommend listening to this and the Ski Mask Troopaz underground tape after the Three 6 and DJ Zirk essentials if you want a deeper experience of the 90s Memphis underground.