October 16, 2015

Rocko - High As A Test Rat (1995)

One of the things I hate about these obscure rips is when you have no clue who the feature artists are. During the intro some rapid fire rapper who sounds somewhat familiar kills the first verse, but alas I can't figure out who it is. After that first verse the tape kind of changes direction, creating a laid back atmosphere that continues throughout the release. The title track is about some bomb ass dank kush, which gets them all fucked up, and it's a stoner beat, with a chilled out lead and a simple drum track. Rocko's a solid rapper, a lot of his verses are partially stories, with Rocko throwing in some life advice in the middle (you know that bud is an aphrodesiac/women love to hit that shit then they hit the sack). Some of his lines are a little corny, and the rhyme scheme is basic as fuck, but it doesn't matter cause he's high as fuck. I'm not sure who produced the tape, it's pretty basic too, just repeated loops mainly with a few variations thrown in, but it works well enough for Rocko's style. I wouldn't call it a necessity, but pick it up if you dig Memphis rap. Unfortunately I also have to point out that this is likely only some of the tracks off the actual tape, as there's an image of a cassette that shows a good number of other tracks which I can't seem to find anywhere online.


High As A Test Rat