October 21, 2015

Scandalous Playaz - Don’t Test (1994)

This tape is produced by DJ Livewire, and it’s one of his better projects. The beats are simple, but sinister as usual, with Livewire’s heavy use of bass, and Scandalous Playaz is a solid group of MC’s. My favorite part of this tape is on the track Down To Clown- it feels like a freestyle session, with guys talking in the background and the mic just getting passed around randomly. As far as I can tell, and the rip isn’t great quality so it’s difficult, Scandalous Playaz consists of 4 MCs: MC Rod, Dangerous K, Silly K, and Len C. Len C’s probably my favorite MC on the tape, but the variety of flows keeps it interesting with Livewire’s basic beats. Also, I had to replace the version of Break That Trick that was on the rip with an mp3 from a youtube video, because the original uploader just had Down To Clown twice.