October 18, 2015

Shawty Pimp - H.A.N. (Heavy Ass Niggas) (1994)

It seems that a good number of the verses on this tape are MC Spade’s work as well, but no one lists it as such. Shawty Pimp starts really sampling and looping on this track for choruses, as well as playing more with adding a few extra drums in, and of course that cowbell (perfect sound for Memphis). Pimp’s production skill really takes off in ’94, and this tape is a quality release beginning to end. Pimp also raps some on this one, and his flow isn’t that bad, a little less monotonous than MC Spade, a little awkward but not terrible. DJ Ace is also on the tape, and while he’s presumably a producer as well, all of the production on here sounds like Pimp so I assume he’s only an MC on this release. Pimp’s real skill is in making listeners hang on each little high hat and snare, proving quality can work over quantity in number of layers production-wise.