October 21, 2015

Shawty Pimp & Lil West - Solo Tape (1997)

This is probably the most obscure of Shawty Pimp’s tapes that I’ve found, and his most atypical. Lil West is probably my favorite MC Pimp has worked with, and this tape definitely needs more recognition. The production is in line with Da Substance, just darker and even chiller, and West absolutely murders his verses. It’s not a typical Memphis flow, there’s definitely some g-funk and Texas influence in there which actually works great with one of the funkier production jobs by Shawty Pimp. And then what he’s talking about is not typical Memphis either, it’s political, philosophical, and sometimes even talking about science. This doesn’t sound like it’d work with Memphis beats, but it plays out and Pimp’s production just ties it together. Also, this is not the real tape in the picture, unfortunately I can’t find an actual picture of the tape anywhere, so I made this with paint so it would have an album cover in my library. If you enjoyed any other Shawty Pimp or if you're looking to check him out this is the tape to have.