October 22, 2015

Shawty Pimp & MC Spade - Vol. 2 (1995)

1995 was Shawty Pimp’s most prolific year. He picked it back up with MC Spade, releasing three tapes with him, and then releasing a solo tape and a tape with Red Dogg. Spade has stepped up his game here, sounding smooth af, with Pimp continuing to deliver. Unfortunately this is a subpar rip of the tape, and so far I’ve been unable to find anything better. Pimp’s production is a little more layered, but it’s still all about placement and precise selection of samples and drums. Pimp raps more often on the ’95 tapes, and while he’s not as smooth as Spade, he manages to do decently well and doesn’t detract from the tracks. Mega's currently not working so I'm going to zippy for the time being.