October 22, 2015

Shawty Pimp & MC Spade - Vol. 3: You Playa Hataz (1995)

This is when Pimp and Spade go after Tommy Wright III’s life on Bitin Ass Nigga for biting a Spade verse on Runnin-N-Gunnin and biting Pimp’s beats. Towards the end of the track Shawty Pimp says "you need to be down there in Cleveland wit Bone". Hittin two beefs with one line like an OG. I guess TWIII’s been stealing other people’s music his whole career. Apart from that this tape bears a lot of resemblance to Vol. 2. On these two tapes Pimp plays a lot with a vocal sample on top of an instrumental sample, or a harmonic sample with a melodic guitar line on top. Pimp’s flow is better on this album than on Vol. 2, and the back and forths between him and Spade are pretty dope.


That Tommy Wright III diss

Vol. 3: You Playa Hataz