October 23, 2015

The Dayton Family - F.B.I. (1996)

This is perhaps the most overlooked album out the midwest. Hailing from Flint, Michigan, the Dayton family is a group of hard motherfuckers, initially composed of Backstabba, Bootleg, and Shoestring. For this album Backstabba was replaced with Ghetto E, as he was incarcerated (then Bootleg was locked up the year after F.B.I. dropped). Shoestring is probably my favorite MC, but Ghetto E and Bootleg certainly hold their own. They have the Midwest feel, but are probably the most hardcore gangsta group I’ve heard out the Midwest. They have that gangsta but dark theme, they aren’t glorifying the lifestyle, they’re just portraying it. This release is coproduced by Dayton Family and Steve Pitts, who incidentally produced some tracks off the Memphis album Destineal- Born To Hustle. It’s all funky hard-hitting beats perfect for Dayton Family’s rapping style. It also includes one of the funniest samples I’ve heard- the Super Mario Bros theme is sampled in Eyes Closed, and actually works. Every single soulful hook is catchy. Esham also drops a great feature on Player Hater. This album alone makes Dayton Family a close second to Bone in my favorite midwest groups.