October 6, 2015

The Game - The Documentary 2 (2015)

This is one of those albums you think is going to be trash. It's a sequel, by a rapper who hasn't dropped a solid project in nearly a decade. Then you hit play. There's some heavy influence from TPAB productionwise, but I think Game actually carried that style better than Kendrick. His laid back, west coast banging flow melds well with the jazzy indistinct beats. Kendrick's feature of course is great as well, which brings us to one of the biggest criticisms of Game (and most modern rappers). Having a large number of features threatens to distract from the point of the album and kill the focus, as well as stealing attention from the main artist. But with lines like "When shot callers take their pitbulls and feed them niggas rottweilers", Game makes sure you know he's in charge of the track. One of the best releases of the year, and arguably Games second best album (yes, the sequel still isn't quite good enough to surpass the orinal). Now we'll see in a few days if the second disc (he's calling it The Documentary 2.5) is as good, but with features like Wayne, Nas, and Face, I'd be surprised if he lets us down.


The Documentary 2 (torrent link, email me if you want direct download)