October 26, 2015

Three 6 Mafia - Live By Yo Rep (1995)

The Live By Yo Rep EP was released in the months following the group's official debut, Mystic Stylez, and was another cannon through which the intense title track was fired at Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The beef was based around who first repped the graphic, Satan-related lyrics accompanied by triplet rapping styles and ghostly falsettos. Naturally, Three 6 maximizes all of the key characteristics of the underground Memphis style for this diss in an effort to show they could do it better. Scarecrow takes the first verse and exhibits Scarface's philosophy that the opening words are the most important of any song with, "well I shall take 1,000 razor blades and press them in the flesh, take my pitchfork out the fire and sink it in their chest". The dark raps continue over an odd, slow-paced piano lead and the fact that every verse ends in asking the next rapper in line what they'd do to in terms of torturing and mass murdering Bone Thugs and people in Cleveland makes the song even more scary. The EP also features one of Koop's most haunted verses on a 2 minute interlude-type track, some spoken advertisements that assure listeners Prophet was on the takeover and much more material was coming, a more-or-less useless screwed version of Live By Yo Rep, and Tear Da Club up tacked on as a bonus. The EP's selling point, besides the dope artwork and satisfaction for completionists, are the two tracks not released anywhere else. The first is Throw Yo Setts In Da Air, a dusky song in the same style as the songs on Mystic Stylez with exceptional verses from everyone and the other is a dark crunk track by The Kaze (Project Pat, MC Mack, and Scan Man) called Be A Witness, also very quality and aids in legitimizing Prophet Entertainment's style in their horror-war with Bone Thugs. If you need more just like Mystic Stylez, this is a great pick up.


Live By Yo Rep