October 20, 2015

T.I. - Paper Trail (2008)

I'm taking a quick break from my Memphis binge to bring up a more recent southern movement. If you're my age this album was likely a big part of your middle school memories. This has tracks like Live Your Life, back when Rihanna was on top of her game, and there weren't many dances missing the track Swing Ya Rag. This album has some of T.I.'s greatest singles, the only problem I have with it is consistency. Dead And Gone and Whatever You Like are great but tracks like Swagga Like Us (with a terrible Jay-Z verse) and My Life, Your Entertainment leave the album feeling really flat at times. I don't generally sit down and listen to this album all the way through, but it's worth having for the good tracks. T.I,'s 3rd best album is still better than almost every other album released this year. Also, Whatever You Like may be the smoothest track of all time.


Paper Trail