November 18, 2015

Miles Davis - Miles Davis In Europe (1964)

I'm close to calling this a classic, but I don't because the disrespect exchanged between Anthony Williams and George Coleman on this date is too real. Basically, Williams hated how conservative and impressionist Coleman played and was also probably pissed that Miles was still doing his usual setlists from the 50s to please conservative critics and audiences for his 1963-1964 tour instead of taking on the new ideas brought to him by his younger band. Tony lets loose for this recording, and Coleman and Miles (as impressed as he was) are unable to gel with him. Let's not forget that this is a Miles Davis album recorded in '63, so the music is still going to be strong overall; I just like pointing out the fascinating dynamics the band went through to achieve a streak of greatness with Wayne Shorter's arrival. Despite musing on the older standards, the advanced attack of Williams, Davis, and Hancock (who also had one of his best performances of this time) showed what next level greatness the band was approaching. Also, I'm not sure if the original pressing was mono-only, but the digital version I have is mono. I only have access to headphones right now (where mono mixes always sound odd) and that may have affected my listening experience, so I'm looking forward to revisiting this and hopefully liking it a little more.


Miles Davis In Europe [Mono]