November 27, 2015

Ow7Law Tha Masque Mane - Devil Shit: Chapta 1 (1995)

If you're hunting for the best in slow and mid-tempo hip hop, then look no further than DJ Squeeky and his crew. Tha Masque Mane sports a high pitched voice comparable to early Criminal Manne and Tinimaine, chops it up on some typical Memphis triplet, stop-n-go raps, and is more than qualified to rep the style. I Gotta Plan is a DJ Squeeky classic and one of my favorite songs from the Memphis underground with Tinimaine going off on one of his dopest verses. No Love (Snitchin' Bitches) is borrowed from Tom Skeemask's tape and features wicked verses from both of the rappers. This concise solo tape is very representative of the Gangsta Shit sound and Memphis rap in general.


Devil Shit: Chapta 1