November 26, 2015

Webbie - Savage Life 2 (2008)

Despite the rapidly changing club rap scene and hook styles of 2008, Webbie stuck true to the game and didn't range far from the funk juice Pimp C raised him on. This is the only Webbie album I've listened to besides the Ghetto Stories collaboration with Lil Boosie, but if he outdoes this elsewhere he'll be on the road to being one of my all-time favorite rappers. I started off my exploration of Webbie's discography with Savage Life 2 because of the ultra-hot 'Independent' which was playing everywhere down south when it came out, but the rest of the album doesn't waver much from the greatness of the single. The hooks are A-grade and the Baton Rouge rapper lets out a seamless flow of southern G lyrics that represent who he is and the past, present, and future of the culture around him. The production is rooted heavily in 90s Pimp C/N.O. Joe/Mr. 3-2 type dirty south g-funk mixed with some Mannie Fresh, but brightly incorporates some lovely 00s synth sounds. I love this southern-fried club rap of the 00s, but few rappers popping around this time could lay down full lengths as strong as this (Boosie's Bad Azz tape is the only one I've heard that's up there), so Savage Life 2 is a treat. Essential 00s rap if not some of the best dirty south rap I've heard from all eras. My only complaint is that while he makes the wise choice to run his own album without many features, I'd have loved to hear some more Boosie on this shit.