December 1, 2015

Big Hill - Management (1996)

Big Hill was a rapper with the Gimisum Family and churned out this absolute banger with Skinny Pimp, Lil Gin, Lil Yo (Yo Gotti), Ski Mask Troopaz, and other members of the Gimisum Family. Skinny Pimp produces this whole thing and proves that he could be as every bit as skilled as his disciples, DJ Paul and Juicy J at making horrorcore and embryonic-stage crunk filled with psychedelic, claustrophobic, and hazy loops. The Gimisum Family is a very diverse collection of rappers, featuring a decent handful of dudes that each have their own way of throwing down hardcore-horrorcore lines. In my opinion, Management is one of the best tapes from the 90s Memphis underground and showcases a wide swath of Memphis rap sounds; this thing bangs bro!