December 14, 2015

Crucifix - Da Clouds In Me (1995)

For some reason I remembered Big Tim as more of a jookin, mix-based DJ, so I was caught off guard by the sinister sounds of this album. That said, a nice percentage of this tape's instrumentals are based around subtle Three 6, Skinny Pimp, and DJ Squeeky samples and synth-lead imitations. The snares and hats are very crisp and gets this tape real buck. Crucifix is a badass rapper; his machine-gun rapping and pace changes are as good as almost anyone else in the scene. In regard to the most basic elements, Crucifix and Tim kind of fuse the South Memphis/Orange Mound style of Squeeky and Tommy Wright and the North Memphis style of Three 6 and Frayserclick, so a real thorough tape held together by great beats and rapping--definitely a Memphis hip hop essential in my opinion.