December 3, 2015

DJ Livewire - Vol. 2, 5, and 6 Butchershop Mix

These three tapes are mixes of a few different elements, with Vol. 2 being mostly composed of other artists’ work, such as Geto Boys, UGK, Dr. Dre, with a few tracks such as Drank A Yac Smoke A Sac, where Livewire plays with sampling and looping, and a few other tracks where Butchersquad MCs drop verses, with the chorus a sampled loop and an original (?) beat. It’s not really my type of tape, but Livewire’s skill behind the boards is undeniable. Undaground Sam’s on Vol. 5, and presumably in the Butcher Squad, but I don’t recognize all of the MC’s. Volumes 3 and 4 seem to exist only in tape form as of right now. Volume 5 and 6 are more original tapes, with all DJ mixes and Butcher Squad verses. I still don’t care for the production on these two that much, and probably prefer Vol. 1. He certainly does get a good variety of MC’s on the tapes however, and both 5 & 6 end up being solid tapes. Knowledge Me Omay off Vol. 6 is among one of the weirdest tracks I’ve ever heard. I still have no clue what the title means, but the track is basically ‘knowledge me omay’ repeated throughout a mix of Murder Was The Case by Snoop and Al Green’s Here I Am Baby, one of the most bizarre musical combinations of all time.