December 10, 2015

Frank Frost - Hey Boss Man! (1962)

I'm not going to pretend like I knew much about Frank Frost before listening to this, but I saw this fly cover in my big book of blues album artwork and have been on the hunt for a digital copy ever since. A Sam Phillip's production, Hey Boss Man! is fantastic given how well this album is kept a secret today and no doubt ranks high among its friends in electric blues history. Frost is a great singer and guitarist, but is most effective on the mouth-harp; I read that he did all the harmonica work for the Crossroads soundtrack with Ry Cooder, if that means anything to you. This blues funks out with the rhythmic help of Big Jack Johnson as guitar support and Sam Carr on drums (one of the most important drummers in the 60s delta blues scene). As important as Jack Johnson's guitar work is to delta and electric blues, I feel like the album is kind of missing a unique central guitar presence as powerful as Buddy Guy, Magic Sam, or John Lee Hooker, but I guess I'm just nitpicking now. A second-tier gem that lovers of electric blues big-names will certainly love.


Hey Boss Man!