December 18, 2015

Jaylib - Champion Sound (2003)

Surprised that I'm posting a Stones Throw album? I am too. This kind of hip hop isn't really my style but I picked up the praised Jaylib album at my favorite record store today because it was a good deal for the two-disc reissue and I wanted to try something new. By all means this is a Stones Throw album through and through--sporting those one-of-a-kind quirky loops that jump all over the place between samples and pitch shifts. In my opinion, Champion Sound features J Dilla's best work besides Donuts, but is held short of classic-status in my eyes by Madlib. He and his alter-ego, Quasimoto, are the lead rappers alongside just a few features, and kicks his usual abstract, cyclical, and stream-of-consciousness raps that I'm not the biggest fan of (was feeling his shit on the final song, Pillz, however). I can see why people like his style though, it's that kind of shit you just want to rock out to while you're chilling in your Pumas playing Call of Duty while the homie rolls up a blunt, but I don't own any Pumas, play Call of Duty, or fuck with weed that much. So I guess that's that. Fortunately for me there is a dope second disc to the Deluxe version I bought with all the instrumentals from the album plus one of the rarer moments when Jay Dee spits a little.


Champion Sound [2007 Deluxe Edition]