December 23, 2015

Lil Jay - Gold Teeth Gator (2001)

Lil Jay might not be the first rapper to put an alligator on a leash, but this is massive gator with a spiked collar and all-gold teeth takes the concept to a new level. Given the few Photoshop layers, you can tell that this under-the-radar Pen 'N Pixel cover is one of the graphics companies' bargain options, looking about as hood as they get: random helicopter, platinum record in the ocean, Lil Jay's flipped face randomly floating up in the corner, and a nice cruise ship to fill the space on the right. The music is about as simple as this cover, but it's still pretty thumping. This album was recorded all the way out in Oceanside, California with a producer known as Repo Ric. Between his flow and the Lil Troy and Fiend features, it's obvious that Lil Jay is from the dirty South or has some connection to them. Dope underground g-shit that you should get since it seems to be pretty rare, we might be the only blog that has it at the moment.