December 17, 2015

Lil' O - Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheese (2001)

Lil' O was kind of a secondary member of the Screwed Up Click; of course not as central as Fat Pat or Big Moe, but more present in the formative years and golden era of the click's explosion than the younger Z-Ro or Slim Thug. Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheese is his most known album (his highest selling, at least), but it's actually a follow-up to the dope Bloodmoney he put out in 1998. I haven't listened to Bloodmoney in like a year, so I'm not in a position to judge which album I like more, but I can tell you that Fat Rat features much crisper production and is a little less street. Fat Rat sounds just like how any S.U.C. album from 2001 should; a highly layered and broad soundscape filled with 808s, nasally synths, piercing keyboard lines, and an array of electronic percussion. I love Lil' O's style, but is he dope enough make a classic out of an hour and sixteen minute long album by himself? Not really, but in true S.U.C. fashion he welcomes as many features as he can get on this album and verses and hooks from Big Moe, Hawk, Slim Thug, Mr. 3-2, Z-Ro, and Big Pokey, to name a handful, are much appreciated. A dope piece of Houston rap that the realest revisit and enjoy for its classic, bumping sound.


Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheese