December 25, 2015

Triple 6 Mafia - Underground Vol. 1 1991-1994 (1999)

The infamous compilation made up of remastered early Triple 6 tracks that kind of brought underground Memphis hip hop to the mainstream. Some of their best material is on here--Niggaz Ain't Barrin' Dat could be my favorite mix track of all time and the Lil Glock & SOG song, Mask & Da Glock (Victim Of A Driveby), is always dope to hear. Other keystone songs like Ridin' In Da Chevy, Walk Up To Your House, and Playa Hataz make this the best of the three volumes of re-released underground material Triple 6 put out. The remaster quality sounds great, but I'd still take the Smoked Out Loc'd Out album over this because it feels more complete with the dope Triple 6 Hotline skits and verses from Lil Fly, Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Blac, and other dope affiliates Three 6 had fallen out with by the time this compilation was released.


Underground Vol. 1 1991-1994