January 26, 2016

Brotha Lynch Hung - Loaded (1997)

This is the type of shit that Satan plays when he's smoking blunts in hell. There are considerably less catchy and twisted lyrics on Loaded than on Lynch Hung's first album, Season of da Siccness. While he still alludes to cannibalism and killing his family, this time around he prefers to focus his words on slamming MD 20/20's and making sure his money is right. In a way, his production for this album is immediately more sinister than that of his debut full-length. The BPM on almost all of the instrumentals is slowed down to a crawl and is beefed up with heavy mobb basslines and completed with loc'd-out ghostly synths and low, droning organ lines. Lynch Hung is fantastic on the microphone--I'm talking one of my top 15. I love how he raps about all this super hardcore stuff with such a relaxed flow (at whatever speed he's going) and a nonchalant tone before topping things off with his fresh bay area accent. I love this album, but it might be an acquired taste for some people; I'm a big jazz fan as well, so I really appreciate the drawn out songs (6 tracks on here are between 6-9 minutes long) and dark, slowly unfolding atmospheres. An incredible album for anybody interested in Sacramento hip hop, bay area rap, horrorcore of any sort, dark g-funk, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and early Three 6 Mafia.